Sunday, November 2, 2008

Check out these simple home remedies to make your sticky health hiccups disapper.

Problem:Bad Breath

Cause:The bacteria in the mouth that helps to beak down left over food(in between the teeth,surface of the tongue,around the gums)releases sulphur that makes breath semell.

Ingrdients:Honey,fresh lemon and warm water.

Try it:Squeeze frsh lemon juice into a cup,mix in a little bit of honey(for taste) and finally add warm water.

How it works:The high vitamin C content in the lemon juice creates an inhospitable environment for the bacteria to fester.


Cause:A long kiss to the neck,[Duh] basicallu it's a bruise that happen when blood vessels that are close to the surface of the skin break.

Ingrident: A frozen spoon and aloe vera gel.

How it works: Aloe vera has cooling features and the pressure cold help to disperse the blood that fomed.

Problem:Menstural cramps

Cause:The lining of the uterus produces a chemical called prostaglandins during mensturation. high level of this chemical can cause the uterine muscle to contract causing cramps.

Ingridents:A piece of ginger roots(about 1 inch),2tbsp brown sugar,5 cups of water

Try it:peel the ginger root and cut it into slices.Boil water then add the ginger slices,boil for 20 mins.Add brown sugar,stir till it all dissolves then serve in a pot

How it works:Ginger is believed to work as a natural pain killer and brown sugar is less processed hence easier to be absorbed.

Problem:Body Odour

Cause:Sweat is part of our body 's natural cooling process and doesn't have any odour.But when bacteria accumulates on the skin,it reacts with sweat,releasing and unpleasant smile.

Ingrdients:Baking soda

Try it:After a shower,towel yourself dry,instead of using talc replace it with baking soda.Use a powder puff and don't forget your underarms.If you just want a slight sweet scent,mix the baking soda with some talcum powder

How it works:The baking soda works to absrob the chemicals that cause body odour leaving you odour-free

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