Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What If Your Ex Ask this..?this is soalan plus i menjawap kes memboring

What If Your Ex Ask this..?

you have to answer the survey with an honest heart.
An honest heart will give you good luck for the entire year.
You may imagine of one people or maybe some people not only one.

Answer it, "What if your ex says" referring to you!!!

1. Why did you let me go?
-- Because u ada dah punya

2. I still love you.
-- iawah? Apa buktinya?

3. When did we last talk?
-- Dont remember…. Inda ingat

4. Will you go out with me?
-- Nope! I dont want to.

6. I cannot keep my promise to you.
-- jgn d promise kalau inda dpt tunaikan

7. My friends say we don't look good together..
-- yeahhhh

8. You have changed.
-- People changed! So did u.. :)

9. Can we get back together?
--behapa juaaa buang msa ku baik ku cari urg baru lagi aman

10. Oh, I know what this is all about. You found someone else.
-- mun someone else biar tia wah hak ku bkn hak mu

11. Don't you realize? You are the one who hurt me!
-- Did I? So Im so sorry..setiap manusia ada kesilapannya

12. how can u forget our memories??
-- I didn’t lahh kenangan kitani tetap I kenang until I died :~)

13. I will always love you.
-- Yeah. Love me as a friend. :)

14. Would you die for our love?
-- indaaaa malasssss

15. You jump, i jump..remember?
-- kau terjun sendiri adalah wkaakakakakakakakakkakaa

16. Kiss me to break the curse if i sleep for a hundred years.
-- tipu bual eeeeee sejak bila

17. Whats the different between me and Him/Her.
-- Him? Ermm he nice with me ia sayang kan me eseh hope so

18. I saw you last night with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
-- wow oklah tohh baguslah kau ada jua girlfriend inda jua ku jeles wuuuuuuu

19. Without me, your life wouldnt be complete.
-- complete or inda memang gua pikirkan

20. Why are you doing this to me!?
-- Did I? Oopps!! Sorry for that.. nada jodoh antara kita gud byee lahh

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