Thursday, July 14, 2011

fact mostly true as i am woman heheheheh

1. when a girl says she's sad, but she doesn't shed a tear, that means she's crying in her heart.
2. when she ignores you after you breaks her heart, it's better if you give her some time to calm herself down before you talk to her to apologize.
3. it's hard for a girl to find things she hated about the ones she loves.
4. if a girl is falling in love with a guy, he'll always be in her mind even though when she was dating with another guy.
5. if a guy that she likes and he was staring sharp at her, she'll melt like a chocolate!
6. girls really like compliments, but they don't always know how to accept compliments.
7. if you don't like a girl that likes you with all of her heart, reject her love softly, don't be hard, because there's a spirit in a girl that you don't know when she'd made up her decision, that is, she'll do anything.
8. if a girl started to get away from you after you rejected her, let her be for awhile. if you still wants to be her friend, just talk to her slowly.
9. girls love to express what they feels. musics, poems, arts and writings are the easiest way for them to express their feelings.
10. DON'T EVER tells a girl that she's useless.
11. being so serious can make a girl's mood fade.
12. when the first time a guy that she loves giving positive responds, like, calling her on the phone, she'll be acting like not interested, but when the conversation's over, she'll scream and not less than 10 minutes, all of her friends will know that news.
13. a pair of smile give a thousand meaning for a girl. so don't smile on purpose.
14. if you liked a girl, start it with friendship. then let her know you a little bit deeper.
15. if a girl gives 1001 reasons everytime you asks her out, left her because she really is not interested with you.
16. but if in the same time she calls you or waiting for you to call her, continues to seduce her.
17. DON'T EVER guess what she feels. ask her yourself!
18. after a girl's fall in love, she'll be wondering, "why didn't I find this guy earlier?"
19. if you're still finding romantic ways to seduce a girl, try to read love novels.
20. when everytime class pictures are published, first thing that a girl will find is who's standing next to her lover, and then her.
21. an exboyfriend may be always in her mind, but the guy she loves now will be in a special place which is in her heart.
22. with just saying 'Hi' can brighten her day.
23. only her bestfriends knows what she feels and what she have been through.
24. girls hates guys thats friendly just to tackle her beautiful friends.
25. love means loyalty, caring, honesty and happiness without compromise.
26. every girl wants a guy that loves them with all of their heart.
27. girl's weapon is tears.
28. girls love it when someone that she loves giving her surprise for her (presents, flowers or just a romantic cards). they'll feel very special and feels that she's loved with all of their heart. with this, they won't feel suspicious to you.
29. woman's easy to fall for a guy that's caring for her and nice to her.

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