Monday, July 18, 2011

kalau urg ada bagi aku mms gambar ani kan inda ku sia2kan ni so romantikkkkkkk :/

Gambar pelangi: meaningnya lah see the mircale?Odd colours come together to bulid a better picture

Gambar bateri energizer:Full of positive energy even I can see only a glimpse of us together in future

Gambar malam gelap:my life without your sunny smile

Gambar masjid-Keep on hoping for tomorrow for happiness

Gambar handyplaster-To cover your broken heart ,to hide your secret.

Gambar jam-The clock is steady as my heart beating

Gambar ulam-Good for your heart and soul.

Gambar ubat batuk:I'm overdosed with your beautiful inner self

Gambar bantal:Will hug you forever n ever

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